Waitlist Status

The Housing Authority of the Town of Manchester is pleased to announce the opening of the Federal LIPH Elderly/Disabled 0/1 bedroom waiting list. Further information, eligibility requirements, and applications are available below.

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Wait List Fact Sheet

Applicant Responsibility:

Submit application when waiting list is open.

  • Provide complete and accurate information on waiting list application.
  • Notify housing authority in writing of address changes.
  • Complete and return annual updates each year.
  • Respond to written correspondence from MHA within the timeframe specified.

Manchester Housing Authority Responsibility:

  • Enter waiting list into software system based on date and time waiting list application is submitted
  • Purge waiting list annually.
  • Offer housing according to position on waiting list.

Waiting Lists

  1. January 2020 State Elderly Lottery
  2. January 2020-State Congregate Lottery
  3. January 2020-Scattered Site Family
  4. January 2020- Federal LIPH