February 17, 2019


Waitlist Status

The MHA is not accepting applications. There is no scheduled date to re-open the waiting list. When the MHA is prepared to re-open the waiting list a public notice will be issued in order to give proper notice to interested parties.

Wait List Fact Sheet

Applicant Responsibility:

Submit application when waiting list is open.

  • Provide complete and accurate information on waiting list application.
  • Notify housing authority in writing of address changes.
  • Complete and return annual updates each year.
  • Respond to written correspondence from MHA within the timeframe specified.

Manchester Housing Authority Responsibility:

  • Enter waiting list into software system based on date and time waiting list application is submitted
  • Purge waiting list annually.
  • Offer housing according to position on waiting list.


Waiting Lists

  1. 1.18 State Elderly Lottery
  2. 1.18 State Congregate Lottery
  3. 1.18 Scattered Sites WL
  4. 1.18 LIPH WL
  5. 11.18 FED PH WL