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Staff Directory

Executive Department
Name Title Email Extension
Joseph D’Ascoli Executive Director josephd@manchesterha.org #101
Stephen Itsou Deputy Director / Property Manager stepheni@manchesterha.org #106
Director Resident Services
Shannon McKay RSO shannonm@manchesterha.org #110
Front Desk
Nancy Fuggetta Receptionist reception@manchesterha.org #100
Public Housing Department
Martha Bertrand Property Manager martha@manchesterha.org #107
Stephen Itsou Deputy Director / Property Manager stepheni@manchesterha.org #106
Section 8 HCV Program Department
Ivette Cook HCV Specialist ivettec@manchesterha.org #103
Jacqueline Mercado HCV Specialist jackiem@manchesterha.org #112
John D’ Amelia Program
Serena Curley Leasing and Occupancy Officer serenac@manchesterha.org #115
Suhadey Negron Leasing and Occupancy Officer suhadeyn@manchesterha.org #114
Lalisa West Leasing and Occupancy Officer lalisaw@manchesterha.org #108
Finance Department
Robert Counihan Fee Accountant robertc@manchesterha.org #102
Cheryl Stout Bookkeeper cheryls@manchesterha.org #117
Congregate Housing
Kamal Armstrong Property Manager kamala@manchesterha.org #120
Anthony Sartirana Foreman
James Adams Mechanic 2
Kreig Landry Asst. Foreman
Anthony Reid Mechanic 1
Wilson Ramos Mechanic 2
Raymond Wheaton Mechanic 2
Steven Collado Mechanic 1
After Hours Emergency 860-209-8923