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Resident Services Coordinator


The Resident Services Coordinator Program is sponsored by the Manchester Housing Authority and the Town of Manchester Human Services Department. The Resident Services Coordinator (RSC) provides service resources to the residents of Westhill Gardens, Mayfair Gardens, Spencer Village, Westhill Congregate, and all MHA scattered sites. The RSC is a human services provider and a referral agent who is on-site at the MHA.

Shannon Mckay is the Director of Resident Services and Congregate Housing
Monday - Friday from 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM.
What is offered of the Resident Services Coordinator program?

To provide service to tenants from MHA properties who require information on a multitude of social service and benefit programs including medical, dental, financial, mental health and legal services. The requests for assistance may come from the residents, family, community agencies or MHA staff. The RSC schedules appointments with the resident in the main office or their home (if immobile) to discuss their needs and assist with a selection of services to increase the quality of life of the resident. The RSC is also available to assist with referrals and linkages to state and private home care, higher level care facilities, process various types of paperwork, review mail, arrange transportation programs, follow-up with problematic issues and concerns, mediate/facilitate conflict resolution, conservatorship processing, and manage Open Enrollment for Medicare Part D and the annual Renter's Rebate program. The RSC also offers support with financial issues regarding timely and proper rental payments. The RSC publishes a quarterly newsletter and offers updates on issues of aging, disability, health, nutrition, and well-being. New programs or changes in the community or within social services will be communicated by the RSC through flyers and the newsletter.

When should I seek the assistance of the Resident Services Coordinator?

The RSC is an advocate for the resident by providing information and offering social support in resolution of community or personal issues. Independence and self-sufficiency of the resident is highly encouraged in all aspects of community living however, if you require assistance or have concerns about yourself or another resident, do not hesitate to contact the RSC; it is important not to wait for an emergency. When in need of any services, or having issues or concerns regarding: Medicare/Medicaid, DSS, home care, help with laundry, shopping, cleaning, bathing, meals, transportation, local, state and federal programs, changes in health status requiring assistance from agencies, grief resources, if you are feeling depressed or experiencing memory problems or at any time have questions regarding any aspect of your well-being - this program is for YOU! Please call the Director of Resident Services as a resource for supporting your quality of life here at the Manchester Housing Authority.

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